5 Questions You MUST Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting job. With so many to choose from and so many different styles and prices you can be forgiven for finding it all a bit of a nightmare!

So, I have come up with 5 questions I think it’s important to ask your potential wedding photographer before you book them.

Wedding Photography Questions

1.What is your style?

This means the type of edit their photographs have, the way in which they have been shot, and the final “look” and “feel” of them. Do you want traditional and more formal “posed” photographs? Or do you prefer a more natural style? Do you like darker, warm photos, or are you more drawn to a lighter, soft edit? They may describe themselves as “Documentary”, “Editorial”, “Fine Art” amongst others. My style is “Fine Art Documentary”, which simply means; a mixture of natural candid shots and gently guided portraits. My edit is bright and light and relaxed and natural. Be sure the style of work you are looking at is consistent across their website, blogs and social media, that way you can be sure that is the style you will be booking. It’s important you love the style of photographer you book.

2. How do you handle different lighting conditions?

Now this is VERY important and it can make or break your wedding photographs. Light is the most important thing to consider when taking photos so the way your photographer uses it is very important. Shooting on a bright sunny day is very different to shooting on a dull, dark day. The bright midday sun might be beautiful weather on your wedding day, but it is known to be a nightmare for most photographers! This is due to the shadows it leaves on the face, and the squinting it causes if people are standing facing it! Your photographer needs to know how to position people so the light is the most flattering on them, and also be able to use flash in very bright situations to balance the light and shadow.

Dark buildings may need lighting, evening weddings will need to have lighting considered, as well as fireworks, sparklers and night time portraits. Check your photographer knows how to use light ask them how they will handle a dark room/ceremony etc.

3. What happens if it rains?

No-one wants rain on their wedding day, but being in the U.K. it sometimes happens! And we need to prepare for it, just in case. Does your photographer have a plan in case of rain? Are they happy doing group photos indoors? If so, will they have lighting if it’s needed? Are they happy to go outside for couple portraits even if it’s raining? (Assuming you as a couple are!)

During the week leading up to a wedding, I always check the weather forecast and I make sure I have a plan in place in case of rain. I find a suitable area inside in case group photographs can’t be done outdoors. Lighting may also need to be used. I have even done indoors confetti before and they have worked out brilliantly!

During the day I’ll check for dry spells in between showers, as I always like to try to get at least a few couple portraits for you outside. I’ll ask you for a bit of time when we can go and capture some portraits with an umbrella. These can be gorgeous! Funnily enough, the light after it has been raining is beautiful and evening portraits can be some of the nicest if we’re willing to wait for it! I’ll try to find an area that has some cover but also has a backdrop to the outside, doorways make a good location, or pergolas, basically anything with a roof and open sides to let natural light in.

4. Can you capture candid moments?

Natural documentary photography is what makes up the majority of your wedding gallery. The candid moments are what tell the story of your day and bring everything together. Being able to look for the important moments and capture them is very important. It’s not just a case of shooting randomly at whatever is in front of you, it’s being able to see the moment, and document the real reactions and genuine feelings that are happening. There is an art to doing it in a manner that looks and feels authentic. Being discreet is also a skill in itself! I like to make sure I focus time on your families and guests, and particularly you mixing with them. These images will be so important to you and often the ones most treasured.

5. How do you approach group photos?

The part of the day when the group photos happen can be either a straightforward, easy experience, or a real headache! And it’s all down to organisation on the part of your photographer. Do they have a plan? Do they ask for a list of shots you want? Or do they leave it until the day to ask you? Group photos NEED to be planned, and organised well. Before your wedding I always ask for a list of important groups you’d like. I keep a list of those groups with me on the day.

Keeping to time is equally as important as having an organised group list. I am always conscious of the schedule, and will lease with your coordinator on the day to ensure we run to plan. The time is not something I want you to be thinking about on the day, that is where myself and your coordinators step in and make sure it all runs smoothly.

Having a photographer that knows how to deal with these important wedding photography questions, is vital. A good wedding photographer needs to carefully plan for, and consider, the weather and the light, the group photographs, along with curating the perfect story of the day.

To find out more about how I can help you with your dream wedding photographs, and to answer all your wedding photography questions, book in for a chat now xx