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Meet Zelda Rhiannon



Thank you for taking the time to find out a bit more about me!

I would describe myself as friendly, warm and approachable, and a big cat lover –

My favourite (sshhh… don’t tell the others!) is Strudle, a beautiful fawn longhaired girl who is my absolute baby!

She loves to sit above me on the sofa, or around my neck if she can! The fluff though! It’s a good job shes cute…

In my 20’s I was always off traveling to rockabilly and hot rod weekends, and I spent the best part of a year travelling solo around Australia doing things like skydiving, swimming with sharks and trecking through the rainforest – it was the BEST thing to do before settling down to have a family and I’d recommend it to anyone!


a fawn coloured longhaired cat sitting on a carpet by bannisters

I’m a real homebody now and LOVE my home. Give me a cup of tea (it must be Earl Grey), a scented candle and a good drama series on the telly and I’m happy! Add some white chocolate to the mix and I’m in heaven…

I am partial to a cocktail or/and(!) a nice glass of bubbles for a celebration (or just for the hell of it – life’s too short right?!) in which case a Mojito or a glass of Bollinger goes down a treat!

a woman with red hair standing holding a camera

How I became a


Being the daughter of an Artist, and a musician, it was no surprise that the Arts were always my favourite subjects at school. I studied Art and Drama at college and although it was only a very small part of my foundation Art course, Photography was by far my favourite. That was 30 years ago now and little did I know how it would come back and become so important to me.

Growing up in Cornwall I was surrounded by the countryside and the coast and I loved the changes that each season would bring. Along with Wales, it is home.

We moved to the Cotswolds when I was 14, which was so different to Cornwall being so far from the sea, but equally as beautiful. I love going back to visit when I photograph a Cotswold wedding!

I worked for 15 years as a Cosmetic consultant, the most rewarding part of the job being making ladies feel good about themselves. I always prided myself on being approachable, being able to listen, and having many regular returning customers. 

When I had my first child however, I became a full-time mum, the most demanding job I’ve done by far!

I have 2 wonderful boys and it is with them that my love for photography began.

I always wanted photos of them at different stages of their lives and having a record of special moments (and the not so special, often the loveliest!) was something important to me.

Those photos are still framed on my walls today, because they are my memories and they mean so much to me.

Getting married in 2015 began my desire to become a Wedding Photographer. It is so important to have the right photographer for your special day, I know exactly how exciting it feels and how happy you will feel when you choose the right person to create your memories.

I started training at my local college where I learned basic photography skills and then progressed to an advanced course, by now I knew I wanted to make it my job.

But I wanted a more in-depth knowledge of wedding and family photography. I have always admired the work of Sony ambassador Kate Hopewell-Smith.

Along with being a very well-regarded luxury wedding photographer, she is also a mentor for photographers. I knew she would be perfect to learn from.

During my training programme, I learned not only the skills, but also the business side of things. How to run a business is just as important as being a good photographer.

Even now as an established photographer, I am taking ongoing education courses, keeping myself progressing in this ever-changing industry.

My Style

My Style

natural, authentic, emotive

Photographers are often asked to describe their ‘style’- and my chosen genre is a combination of fine art wedding photography and documentary wedding photography: which means I capture images, as much as possible, as they unfold, whilst also using my vision to create images through use of light and guidance. I like my images to feel natural, and authentic.

But what matters the most to me, is how I make you ‘feel’. The best photographs should cause an emotional response – make you feel happy, sad, or even nostalgic.

Maybe even to feel like a “blubbering wreck” (actual quote from one client!) at the love they can visibly see in their photographs.

I am friendly, approachable, and I promise to put you at ease! I’m perfectly comfortable behind the camera but having my own photo taken is another story! I  know exactly how it feels being in front of the camera and I totally understand the nerves you may have.

BUT, I aim to help you to feel relaxed and make it an experience that you will love! And your photographs will show it!

“She managed to take the most beautiful shots of all the perfect moments, whilst blending into our day efficiently taking photos without us even realizing!”

Katie & Patrick / Oxwich Bay

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behind the scenes

My Family

My husband is called Mike, we met on a night out in Newquay when we went to see a Ska band called Rudis Message, they were so good!

We moved from Cornwall up to Wales 12 years ago. I’m Welsh/Cornish/Italian and have connections to both Cornwall and Wales. (And Italy – lots of family still over there!)

We have 2 boys called Logan & Brody. They’re both so different to each other and I always laugh at how the photos I take of them show their personalities so well! Brody is always the joker! My love of family photography started with them

My Perfect Day would be…

Going to our favourite vineyard for lunch or afternoon tea – Llanerch Vineyard  – where we got married!

Or as a real treat, a couple of kid-free nights away in our favourite spa hotel in West Wales – it’s heaven! (Seriously – St. Bride’s Spa Hotel  – go look it up!)

I’m happiest though spending an afternoon at the beach with Mike and the kids with fish n chips on the way home – that’s my idea of the perfect day.