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Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that captures real life. It shows the real you in real locations to reflect the personalities and characters of you and your family.

It is a way of shooting that gives you the most natural family photographs. I love capturing personalities with genuine smiles and laughter which is exactly what lifestyle photography does.

You will love this way of family portrait photography. It doesn’t feel like a styled photo shoot, you’re simply having a fun day out!

I absolutely adore natural family photography and like to show innocence, happiness, and love in my photographs.

Having Family Portraits crafted is something special and beautiful. It might be to mark a special occasion or to simply have memories of a magical time in childhood. You don’t ever need a reason to have a family shoot done!

Lifestyle photography is priceless because it shows your children being carefree and happy and full of innocence. Children soon grow up and you’ll soon realise the value of these memories!


You can choose the location for your family shoot and there might be somewhere meaningful to you that you love.

You can choose the location for your family shoot and there might be somewhere meaningful to you that you love.

For example, you might have a special place where you go for family days out? This might be perfect for your family photos.

Is there a place that reflects you and your family and holds special memories for you? This would make a perfect setting.

Alternatively, I can suggest some lovely locations that I know work well for family photos. Children love being outdoors, and this is when they show their true characters as they run and play. This is one of the reasons why I choose for my family shoots take place outside. Along with the use of natural light, the outdoors gives the most beautiful setting for natural family photographs.

We have some stunning beaches to choose from locally which make amazing locations for family portrait photography!

It’s just one of the many benefits of being a South Wales family photographer and why beach family shoots are some of my favourites!

We are also lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and gardens which also make stunning locations for your family photographs.

Alternatively, you may wish to use your own home to have your shoot and I’m happy to discuss this with you.

Family photography is special to me because it’s where my love for photography began.  Being able to freeze time for a split second and have that moment to look back on whenever I want to is priceless.

Have a browse at my gallery for more examples of my work on family portrait photography to give you some ideas!

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“You make us feel so comfortable, and I LOVE how all our photos are never forced. It’s all so natural capturing our moments. I cried watching the slideshow! You photograph with such love and passion, and I really feel it in our photos.”




It can sometimes take children a little while to be comfortable with being photographed so I like to take a bit of time to walk and chat as we get started on your photography session.

Some can be shy at first but as we go along, they soon get used to it and are usually unaware that I am even taking photographs and more consumed with exploring and playing!

This is what natural family photography is about, documenting authentic moments as they happen. Whilst I might guide and engage with you and your children it’s their natural reactions that I am looking for and capturing.

Having 2 young children myself I know exactly how they can be! They may get tired and that is fine, there will be no pressure on them. My aim is to make it fun and capture images that portray their true character naturally.

After your shoot I take great care on post production. I take pride in giving you a collection of natural family photography images you will love. Editing each image by hand to create a unique collection for you.

I understand the importance of digital images, but I do believe that photographs should be printed. These special photographs will look stunning on the walls of your home!

In addition to offering digital galleries, I offer high quality prints and I can also design beautiful bespoke albums if you wish.

My family photography photoshoots include the shoot time, editing, and an online gallery of photographs to download.

You can also create a beautiful family photo album to showcase your memories perfectly.

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I am based in Bridgend and my family photoshoots cover Bridgend, and the rest of South Wales. If you’d like a family photoshoot outside South Wales, please let me know and we can discuss it!