Lusty Glaze Beach Wedding – Newquay Cornwall

Lusty Glaze Beach ~ Gay Wedding!

Lusty Glaze Beach is a beautiful secluded cove in Newquay, Cornwall. It is the perfect beach wedding venue if you want a laid back relaxed feel. Situated at the bottom of a long 133 steps it has always been my favourite Newquay beach. So when I was asked to second shoot this amazing beach wedding by my good friend Laura from Laura May Photography I was so happy!

A gay wedding? On a beach? In Newquay?


Laura and I trained together and have both second shoot for each other and I always love working together. We work in the same way and both understand what is needed for each other. As it turned out I was due to be in Cornwall at the same time of the wedding as I go every summer to stay with family so it was perfect timing.

I grew up in a small village near Newquay and being in the town has always feel like coming home. 

The day began with the arrival of the grooms Oliver and Fernando, along with their guests. The sun was shining on Lusty Glaze beach and it was set to be a beautiful summer’s day! The room was decorated with bright and colourful decorations and an ice cream cake!!! 

Welcome drinks were served and everyone got into the celebratory mood before the ceremony began.

I could feel the emotion before the ceremony even started and when everyone sang “A little respect” by Erasure I could not help but shed a tear! It was so so happy and emotional! (I used to love Erasure!)

A Special Surprise!

As the day went on, the party atmosphere grew. After the gorgeous buffet wedding breakfast – complete with more emotion and laughter during the speeches – everyone headed out to the beach equipped with various brightly coloured inflatables and ran into the sea! This was just amazing!

As the day became evening the guests were gathered together by Oliver’s mum who had a very special surprise in store for the newlyweds.

She asked everyone to gather on the beach and all would become clear.

What happened next was incredible as from the distance two lit up aeroplanes appeared to performed a stunning air display! They had what looked like fireworks coming out of them with blue and red smoke colouring the sky! Lusty Glaze beach was lit up with a big colourful love heart in the sky for Oliver and Fernando. Everyone was in awe and it added to the incredible atmosphere of this awesome day.

When the band arrived the dancing began instantly, these guys didn’t need prompting to get on the dance floor! I can honestly say this was one of the most lovely weddings I have ever had the pleasure to witness and not just from a photographer’s point of view. The feelings were so joyous and when it came for Laura and I to leave we both felt on top of the world. Exhausted (standard) but very happy.

Having a beach wedding is amazing, partying with your closest people on the sand as the sun goes down is priceless!

Whether it’s Cornwall or South Wales, (or anywhere in the world to be honest) if you’re thinking about a beach wedding just let me know because I love photographing them! 

Venue: Lusty Glaze Beach Weddings

Cake: Suzi Humphries

Flowers: Coastal Floral Design

Aerobic Display: Fireflies Aerobatic Display Team