Newborn Baby Photography Session – Cornwall

I was looking forward to meeting baby Frankie from the moment I knew her mum, my dear friend Fiona, was expecting her.
She was a summer baby and I arranged the timing of her photoshoot to coincide with a family holiday. We always go to Cornwall every summer with the children to visit friends and family. This summer’s visit was made extra exciting with the arrival of baby Frankie!

I had done a maternity shoot for Fiona earlier in the year and couldn’t wait to follow it up with the newborn shoot.

Baby Photographs At Home

Frankie Delen was just 4 days old when I met her and is such a gorgeous tiny bundle! Her middle name ‘Delen’ is Cornish and means ‘Little Petal’, and she certainly lives up to her name!

For my newborn baby photography shoots I like the images to show your baby and family in your own home. I think it is lovely to use the surroundings you live in and to capture personal details. Such as baby’s first blanket or a special toy, or their first bed.
Later on these may be forgotten but I think it’s nice to have a memory of these special things.

Fiona looked beautiful and I loved taking portraits of the two of them together. I also took close up images of Frankie’s tiny fingers, toes and delicate lashes!

Family Portraits

After taking various shots inside the house we ventured to a local strawberry farm at Trevathan. (Where they sell amazing ice cream I can confirm!)
For this part of the photography session we had Frankie’s Dad, Steve, and Frankie’s big brother and sister, Oscar and Cleo come along too.
I always like to get images of the whole family together if possible, and as today was such a beautiful day we decided the strawberry farm was a great location. Plus it has the added bonus of tea and ice cream for afterwards!

Oscar and Cleo are such proud a big brother and sister, they adore baby Frankie and I love the images I took of them all together.

Family photographs are priceless, I know I say it a lot but it’s because it’s true! I know from personal experience how fast time flies with children, one day they are babies, the next they’re at school, the next they’re at college!
So many times I hear people say “I wish I could stop time for just a little while…” sadly we can’t do that, but photographs freeze time, and you will always have that moment to look back on.

Take the picture! You will never regret having family photographs taken!

I hope you enjoy my images of baby Frankie, if you’d like more information about my newborn photography sessions take a look at my Newborns page, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to book or if you have any questions about my photography.